Uber Problems For Ober-Haus

This week it has been confirmed that one of Estonia’s largest real estate agencies, Ober-Haus, is experiencing some potentially devastating problems. The agency was founded by a businessman from the U.S.A, Paul Oberschneider, who then sold the business on to the Realia Group, a Finnish real estate giant. However, this sale was made before the last economic crisis, and the company is now starting to struggle with inside problems.

These problems are said to include high personnel turnover, which is one of the most unattractive business aspects possible. This turnover means that the rate of staff is constantly being churned through the business, with employees rarely staying for long. This is very bad news, as it forces the company to spend time and money on the recruitment process a lot more often than formerly required.

Another problem the company is experiencing is a lack of motivation amongst its employees. This is likely to cause targets to be missed and doesn’t set the workplace up for attaining corporate goals. Communication is vital in a business, but this is yet another thing Ober-Haus is said to be having trouble with. Low levels of communication can lead to disastrous outcomes in any institution.

It is stated that problems begun when Tarmo Kase took over as CEO of the company at the end of 2010. Several sources conclude that the decisions he made have actually forced nearly 20 employees to leave their job in a very short period. Kase was asked to make the company more profitable by restructuring, but all his efforts seem to have backfired, as most of the key staff have left or are in the process of leaving.

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