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Fitch Ratings Approve Baltic States as Crisis Counsellors

August 26, 2011
Fitch Ratings Approve Baltic States as Crisis Counsellors

Fitch Ratings most recent report entitled ‘The Euro Zone Crisis: Lessons from the Baltic States’ states that Greece, Portugal and Ireland could gain valuable lessons to improving their current economic problems by looking to the Baltic States. Fitch Ratings detailed that during 2008-09 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania’s GDP contracted by 18%, but due to...

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  • New Software ‘Jelly Bean’ For Android To Rival Apple
    Android has released their latest software ‘Jelly Bean’ this week for its newer phones – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is one of the first handsets to receive the update. The update promises a number of things, including longer battery life, which will mean less people having to leave their phones plugged in to charge every evening. This update isn’t just […]
  • Plastic Could Become the New Paper
    It has been reported this week that Plastic Logic, an innovative company founded by researchers from Cambridge University, have come up with the concept of a new type of paper – and it is made from plastic. This could be a great move for the future, as paper is one of the most wasted materials in the world. With millions of people not bothering to re-use or […]
  • Amazing New Software That Diagnoses Parkinson’s Disease
    Voice responsive software is already an amazing new technology that has stunned the nation in recent years. But now, Max Little, an applied mathematician and TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Fellow, has taken it one step further. Max is aiming to help anyone make a detection of Parkinson’s disease – simply by speaking. Little claims that there is s […]


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  • Lufthansa wants its house in order before any Gulf tie-up November 2, 2012
    ( - Lufthansa would only enter into any partnerships with Gulf carriers from a position of strength, its chief executive said this week, justifying plans to widen a cost-cutting drive that helped it post higher-than-expected quarterly profits. […]
  • Venice hit by worst flooding in two years November 2, 2012
    VENICE (Reuters) - Tourists in Venice put plastic bags over their legs and residents wore rubber boots as water rose to knee-high levels in many parts of the lagoon city on Thursday. […]