Lithuania News

News from Lithuania brought to the UK in English, to help bring awareness from Lithuania to the UK.

The Bounce of the Baltics to the UK

Over the years the interaction in Europe especially in the Baltic State countries; Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is immense, their is so communication now than ever before for example take a look at the companies that came over for the Technology World 09 in Coventry, UK. With companies from countries Latvia and Estonia, after talking...

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Online voting in Lithuania

The Lithuanian government has agreed to online voting even though internet usage is presently not within the European Union average. E-voting is still in the planning stage and would require Parliamentary approval before being given the go ahead. “I am glad that we discussed this and approved e-voting for future validation. Now we will...

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Estonia’s European Union Bid

Estonia’s bid to enter the European Union has the support of the Lithuanian and the Latvian prime ministers it was decided at a recent meeting between the two officials. The Two Prime Ministers saw Estonia’s acceptance to the Euro zone as a positive indicator of further economic growth of the Baltic region. “Estonia’s success...

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What about the Manufacturing in Lithuanian

Lithuanian, another leader in Manufacturing with a host of leading industries; Metal Processing and Equipment Manufacture, Machinery and Electric Equipment Manufacture and Real Estate and Construction. Over the years they have built a strong workforce dedicated to the commitment and satisfaction of its people. It is now important to start thinking how this knowledge...

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