Latvia News

News from Latvia brought to the UK in English, to help bring awareness from Latvia to the UK.

New Livanu Carbon plant in Latvia

Livanu Carbon has invested 4.2 million Euros in establishing a new charcoal production plant in Livani, Latvia. This will make the company the largest charcoal producer in the Baltic States, with plans to increase production capacity to 7,000 tons per year. To achieve these increases the company will be using innovative processes created by...

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Estonia’s European Union Bid

Estonia’s bid to enter the European Union has the support of the Lithuanian and the Latvian prime ministers it was decided at a recent meeting between the two officials. The Two Prime Ministers saw Estonia’s acceptance to the Euro zone as a positive indicator of further economic growth of the Baltic region. “Estonia’s success...

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airBaltic the Latvian Airline Carrier

The strength of airBaltic should help Latvia go from strength to strength. This article follows some history on the airline that shows it is has a strong footing. airBaltic is the leading and forward airline carrier from Latvia it is based in Riga International Airport. Riga is its heart with a secondary opening being...

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Estonian-Latvian promoted Co-Operation

Only recently Aivis Ronis, Latvia’s new foreign minster met with Urmas Paet, Estonia Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Tallin, Estonia. Their discussions centred on relations between their two countries, the promotion of shared goals and improved co-operation. Ideally Improvements would become visible before completion of a scheduled report on the future of relations between...

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Lativa’s Baltic Manufacturing Group in UK

Manufacturing hits the UK. The Baltic Manufacturing Group (BMG) based in Riga, Lativa provides a host of facilities with many advantage key areas for the UK for example; Metal Processing & Fabrication, Labor Costs, Materials and Logistics – Railways, Ports and Roads. BMG has other areas of expertise such as the IMC Scrapers with the following types; Laser...

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Up-to 400 Million Kroons is possibly invested into the Estonia Air depending on Business Plan

Andrus Ansip the prime minster of Estonia has indicated on an investment into the Estonia Air Company but depending on the business plan, the amount if of between 200 and 400 Million Kroons. This investment would be huge for the Baltic Estonia country and the people, optimistically creating many jobs for all (note: 10 Kroons...

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