Our Writers

“Baltic News in UK” is an On-Line Website Magazine run and hosted in Bristol UK bringing the latest industry news and events in the Baltic region to the UK.

The main purpose is to help increase trade between the UK and Baltic Region bringing awareness to both regions and guiding businesses to adapt and adjust to the current business climate.

Below are details of our writers:



Saleem oversees the running of the on-line magazine keeping a close eye on the daily activities. Over the years he has had much interface with the Baltic Region giving him a heads-up on what is happening around both the regions.


Joanna is a business partner within a UK software company and has previously run many businesses with one based in France, this brings tremendous business input and knowledge to the table. Joanna is also the editor of the on-line Magazine managing the articles.


Sergio works for a leading software company in a team-lead role and is currently progressing his career in Business & Administration, his knowledge is current that makes him an ideal candidate as one of our writers.


Simon has experience in Business and Manufacturing and is currently progressing his career further in Mechanical Engineering this gives great contribution to our engineering field.


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