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UK Market Access – Entering UK Market, meeting Prospective UK Clients UK Partners

If you are considering entering the UK Market ‘Baltic News in UK’ is happy to bring to your attention UK based Lean Management Consulting companies that helps foreign businesses enter the UK Market maybe for a Sales Arrangement, Joint-Venture or a Venture Capital investment. They can also help you start your own UK based Company taking care of all the arrangements from start to end.

Call: +44 (0)117 902 4532 or Email: enquiries@balticnews.co.uk


Internet Marketing – Publishing Timely Events

Baltic News in UK is an English Internet Newspaper/Magazine bringing Business News occurring in and around the Baltic Region countries; Latvia, Lithonia and Estonia to the UK. This would help the increase off overseas business development & investment within Europe.

‘Baltic News in UK’ also acts a good hub for business trade and development between the UK and Russia and Russia and UK.

If you have any particular timely event you wish us to write an article about within your Business. It could be related to a Product, Service or a new idea. Call: +44 (0)117 902 4532 or email: enquiries@balticnews.co.uk

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