Lean Thinking Estonia’s Fifteen Minute Creation for Trading

December 3, 2010

During a speech given at an Estonian-Austrian economic forum held at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce last week, Estonia’s President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves assured that Estonia is a good place to start a business due to current streamlinig of service systems.

Estonian-Austrian Economic Forum: Estonia 15 Minute Trading Business.

Presently most Estonian services including banking and public services, such as tax declaration systems, are electronic and available online. Business culture in Estonian has been honed down to a clear and concise configuration making it possible for a new trading company to be established in just fifteen minutes.

Considering Estonia’s accession to the euro zone on 1 January 2011 Estonia can now present a competitive and favourable starting point for new businesses.

President Ilves stated his optimism for continued and future strengthening of trade and industry relations between Estonia and Austria.

Regarding the European Union Ilves said, “We have met all the criteria to join NATO and the European Union and there are no more influential international organizations left to aim for. Therefore, we need to answer the following question: what do we do and how do we proceed, if there are no criteria to be met?”

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