Lativa’s Baltic Manufacturing Group in UK

Manufacturing hits the UK. The Baltic Manufacturing Group (BMG) based in Riga, Lativa provides a host of facilities with many advantage key areas for the UK for example; Metal Processing & Fabrication, Labor Costs, Materials and Logistics – Railways, Ports and Roads.

BMG has other areas of expertise such as the IMC Scrapers with the following types; Laser Series, Laser Controlled Ejection, Box Finish Blade, Land Grader, Ejection Series, Gated Ejection, Construction Series and Fixed Blade.

BMG commenced manufacturing and supplying agriculture scraper replacements parts to the USA in 2004 and now is worldwide. This is very beneficial for moving dirt that tremendously helps the construction and agriculture industry sectors.

BMG is a gateway to manufacturing at a low cost sustaining quality, it is the ideal organisation for being the outsourcing host of a UK Manufacturing Organisation.

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