Estonias Prime Minister Andrus Ansip Elected for Second Term

Estonia’s Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip, swept to victory in yesterday elections, Estonia’s first as eurozone members. His Reform Party received 28.6 percent of the votes gaining them two more seats, now totalling 33 and the IRL gained four more seats bringing their total to 23 seats, giving the present coalition of the two parties, headed by Prime Minister Ansip, a total of 56 seats of the 101 that make up Estonia’s parliament.

Of Estonia’s over nine hundred thousand electorate, 62.9 took part in voting. 25% of those via internet link, currently Estonia is the only parliamentary polls worldwide were online voting are possible. Participation was up from the 61% who voted in 2007 elections.

Prime Minister Ansip gaining a second term in office bodes a good sign of stability in Estonia, Estonians choosing as their Prime Minister a leader who came into power just as the world economy dipped into crisis and who has had the opportunity to guide his country through crunch into gradually emerging credit.

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