Estonian websites to get New Regulations

Estonian websites ‘.ee’ domains have been given new rules since 5th July 2010 which is a good result for the country. Ultimately this will help improve trade around Europe allowing external sources to bring and demonstrate their products and services within Estonia.

The law firm SORAINEN has indicated that new rules would be put in place with existing ones removed; this approach would help clean up what you can and cannot do allowing all the users to start on an even mark.

A couple of important rules that have changed are:

People from outside Estonia can now register for a domain as previously you had to be living inside Estonia.

In Estonian the rule where “one domain for one registrant” will be removed where now one register could have several domain names.

This is great news for the country as it will ultimately help increase integration with the rest of Europe and ultimately the UK. Potential clients in the UK could now purchase domain names allowing them to promote their products and service in Estonia giving them visibility.

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