Estonian Rail Passengers Feel The Squeeze

Estonia TrainEstonian railway company Elron have elected for their ticket sellers and drivers to decide when trains are full. In the aftermath of last weeks tragic accident at the Raasiku crossing on the Tallinn to Tartu passenger train much discussion is taking place in Estonia regarding her rail and travel systems. On 16th April, just some 25 minutes after leaving Balti Jaam Station a four carriage passenger train was hit by a dumper truck carrying gravel and sand. The truck was travelling at almost 45 mph when it hit the third wagon and was swung back by the impact to crash into the fourth carriage. Two were killed, including the truck driver, and twelve injured.

Only last year Elron replaced the old rolling stock with new electric trains. The new carriages were designed to be wider more comfortable seating with arm rests. Passengers are used to being able to board the train without concern for capacity. To curb this unsafe habit Elron have stated that the ticket sellers are to decide if any more passengers may board. Currently when there are too many passengers standing inside the isle it makes the flow of foot fall almost impossible for those wishing to get on and off. When the ticket sellers and the train driver have decided to stop further boarding passengers will be notified through the public address system and at all the stops only the middle section doors will open. As there are presently too few trains in circulation passengers left standing on the platforms will result.

In going forward with new rail plans Elron have had to take a few steps backwards but they are confident that all rail systems will be up to speed in the not too distant future.

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