Estonian Air fly’s higher in May 2010

Travelling by the Estonian Airline giant Estonian Air increased over 2010 May. This is great news for the economy and the people. Over 50,000 passengers were carried during the month May which is an increase of over five percent.

Estonian Air has an excellent sense of time keeping being ninety-seven percent; this is a very good example set by the Airline and one most should follow. The Airline is owned by the state of Estonia, Cresco (the investment bank) and the SAS Group, this type of split generally gives organisations a good stability in the economy allowing them to drive forward even when there is tough time ahead.

One of the key features of Estonian Air is its Corporate Programme allowing organisations to be more expenditure efficient when travelling on business where they promote a smooth and comfortable journey. Additional features are their fixed fares and flexible flying terms with a constant update to their Clients.

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