Danish Espersen to Expand Klaipeda Plant in Lithuania

The mother company of Espersen Lietuva fish processors, situated in Klaipeda, is Danish A. Espersen, which is one of the largest fish processors in the Nordics. It has recently been reported that it has plans to raise capacities in the Lithuanian branch by extending the existing building. This expansion could potentially raise capacity by 70%, and will be carried out in two phases – adding new production areas and raw material as well as new finished product storage areas.

The suggested way this expansion should take place is by building new premises around the existing ones. These new buildings will be built along the whole length of the existing ones, which are located in Klaipeda’s ‘Free Economic Zone’. When the expansion is completed, it is likely to create around 55 new jobs, which will be added to the 290 currently existing employees. This figure is up by 20 staff compared to last September, when the facility housed only 270 staff members.

At the moment, the plant’s daily processing capacity is around 40/20 tonnes of intake/output. After the first phase of expansion is completed, the figure should rise to 48/24 tonnes, and after the second phase, it could increase to as much as 68/34 tonnes a day.

In less than a year, Danish A. Espersen will be celebrating its 10th birthday – the anniversary of it’s opening, with a LTL 13 million investment and a mere 100 staff. This figure is a far cry from 2010, when it was reported that the company turned over a whopping LTL 65million!

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