Baltic States Presidents Meet with Barack Obama for Discussions in Poland

All three Presidents of the Baltic states; Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia had the opportunity to meet and hold individual discussions with US President Barack Obama in Warsaw, Poland at a dinner on Friday. As part of his European tour President Obama attended a working dinner in Poland with the leaders of Central and Eastern Europe.

High on the agenda for Lithuania’s President, Dalia Grybauskaitė was the issue of NATO. On Thursday she was quoted as saying, regarding her impending meeting with Mr Obama, “I will raise issues of urgent importance to Lithuania and other NATO border states. We’re seeking that NATO’s missile defence system, agreed upon last year in Lisbon, should cover all members of the alliance,”

Estonia’s President Toomas Hendric Ilves said of his meeting with the US president, “It is in the interests of both the democratic states of Europe and the United States of America that there are as much strong democratic economies and internationally responsible regions in the world as possible,”

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