Baltic Gateway: London to Riga to Pskov

The Baltic Region is continuously getting noticed as the Business Gateway for UK to Russia and Russia to UK. This is pleasing to hear for the 2 regions or 3 in this case being UK, Russia and Baltic.
Over the years business ties between the UK and Baltic States has grown and of course ties between the Baltic States and Russia have sustained. It is important now more than ever to think globally and to ensure countries try to interact further by enhancing business thinking, strategy and management.

The Business Baltic (or Latvian) Gateway – UK to Russia and Russia to UK

The entry point into Russia has been recognised as the region of Pskov where direct access is available via Latvia, Riga.

UK (London) to Latvia (Riga) to Russia (Pskov)

Russia (Pskov) to Latvia (Riga) to UK (London)

There are many types of management to consider where each carries a purpose to enhance business strategy:

a) Demand Management
b) Portfolio Management
c) Benefits Management
d) Customer Relationship Management
e) Project Management

It is important to ensure awareness is brought to the 3 regions as mentioned UK, Baltic, and Russia as we find the flow needs to run smoothly to capture the right value for each business partner.

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