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Estonian-Latvian promoted Co-Operation

Only recently Aivis Ronis, Latvia’s new foreign minster met with Urmas Paet, Estonia Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Tallin, Estonia. Their discussions centred on relations between their two countries, the promotion of shared goals and improved co-operation. Ideally Improvements would become visible before completion of a scheduled report on the future of relations between...

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Russian Research Projects Create Products

Russia is setting up IINC (International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre) in Dubna, just outside Moscow. IINC will be staffed by the leading science minds of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), from the former Soviet republics. CIS will focus on creating real-life products from the pure research carried out by scientists in the former soviet states....

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What about the Manufacturing in Lithuanian

Lithuanian, another leader in Manufacturing with a host of leading industries; Metal Processing and Equipment Manufacture, Machinery and Electric Equipment Manufacture and Real Estate and Construction. Over the years they have built a strong workforce dedicated to the commitment and satisfaction of its people. It is now important to start thinking how this knowledge...

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Up-to 400 Million Kroons is possibly invested into the Estonia Air depending on Business Plan

Andrus Ansip the prime minster of Estonia has indicated on an investment into the Estonia Air Company but depending on the business plan, the amount if of between 200 and 400 Million Kroons. This investment would be huge for the Baltic Estonia country and the people, optimistically creating many jobs for all (note: 10 Kroons...

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