Latvian Rubber Manufacturers has a database of more than 2000 Formulations

August 18, 2010

BGF (Baltijas Gumijas Fabrika) the leader in Latvia and the Baltic States for the manufacture of rubber compounds has a database of more than 2000 formulations, based on natural rubber and different types of synthetic rubbers. The Quality Management System of BGF does correspond to the requirements of standards ISO 9001 in the manufacturing of rubber compounds and rubber technical articles and ISO/TS 16949 in the manufacturing of component for the automotive industry

BGF has a diverse range of product manufacturing capabilities, from the railway to the dairy industry.  One of BGF’s core competencies is its years of expertise, which is evident in the wide variety products that it can produce.  As part of its manufacturing drive BGF is keen to talk to companies who have manufacturing requirements in the following areas:

a) Special rubber compounds, based on silicon (Q), fluororubber (FKM), nitrile rubber and other tepes of rubbers for production of parts applicable under “extreme” operational conditions (heat-resistant, aggressive media-resistant, dielectric rubbers)

b) Railways pads

c) Articles for diary equipment

d) Rubber/Metal articles

e) Sealing and protection rings and gaskets

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