Up-to 400 Million Kroons is possibly invested into the Estonia Air depending on Business Plan

Andrus Ansip the prime minster of Estonia has indicated on an investment into the Estonia Air Company but depending on the business plan, the amount if of between 200 and 400 Million Kroons. This investment would be huge for the Baltic Estonia country and the people, optimistically creating many jobs for all (note: 10 Kroons is equal to about 54p).

Ansip said ”Maximum amount would include the use of Bombardier aircraft, but these decisions will be up to the general meeting of shareholders. Estonian government as a minority holder cannot make these decisions for other shareholders,”. The Bombardier Aircraft mainly a business orientated aircraft.

This could potentially increase flights between Estonia and UK that would ultimately increase trade, business and happenings around Europe. More ideas could be exchanged, increasing creativity and innovation across Europe.

Estonia state would expect to increase its stake from 34% to 66%, Cresco the investment bank would reduce to 0% from 17% and the SAS Airline who currently is the owner of 49% would go to a 34%.

It is vital to get the business plan right without that everyone operates at a high risk with no real direction and integrity.

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