Third Northern Future Forum Held in Latvia

The recent meeting of the Northern Future Forum was hosted by Latvia’s Prime Minster Valdis Dombrovskis in Riga. This years meeting was focussing on Green Technology and highlighting awareness between the young and the old in Digital Technology. This is the third consecutive year for the meeting of the Baltic regions, UK, Iceland and Nordic countries bringing in company representatives and industry experts for meetings and discussions with the aforementioned countries leaders. Latvia’s leaders were keen for an opportunity to demonstrate that they are well on the way to meeting requirements for the 20/20/20 EU mandate on green related developments. Also demonstrations and visitations were made to Latvia’s out reach centres where citizens are able to gain internet access and necessary computer skills.

The first forum was hosted by David Cameron in London in 2011 which focussed on enterprise, economic growth, boosting employment and people’s well being. In 2012 the forum was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden where discussions were centred on social challenges including older people in employment and women in business and management.

At the end of the forum Prime Minister Dombrovskis thanked each of the PMs for coming to Riga and spoke of the work in place focussing on sustainable cleaner power sources and future intentions in order for Latvia to cut its dependency on outmoded energy solutions.

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