London Taxi En Route To Tallinn

A proposition has been sent to the Estonian Ministry of economic affairs and the Tallinn City Government by the London Taxi Company, requesting to talk about the possibility of expanding their business from the UK to Tallinn. This proposition (made by the international sales manager of the company, Ross MacKrennon) offers a better quality of service than currently provided inTallinn.

London Taxi also operates in many other overseas locations, such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The company has been a particular success in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. There, it has helped to significantly reduce the number of uninsured pirate cabs, and greatly improved the overall taxi service.

MacKrennon explained that London taxis are designed specially for the purpose, making them secure, durable and comfortable. On top of supplying these high quality cabs, the company is also offering specialised training for new drivers. If this venture goes ahead, London Taxi’s move could potentially create a large amount of jobs, and with training included, these jobs could even be available for those with no prior experience.

The head of the Tallinn municipal transport authority, Andres Harjo, has said that, although newcomers on the taxi market are always welcome, London Taxis will not be able to replace all existing operators, and nor will they be receiving any preferential treatment. However, it’s been commented by Harjo that the company “can build up a position where their services are more attractive than those of their competitors”. Only the market itself will decide if there is room for London Taxi in Tallinn, but it looks as if there’s no guaranteed short-cut to the top.

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