Lithuania Holds First Baltic Asia-Europe Foundation Meeting

An Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) meeting was held in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius on the 13th May 2011, the first ever ASEF meeting held in the Baltic states. ASEF was created in 1996 between leaders in European and Asia countries to promote communication between people and establishments globally through intellectual and cultural exchange.

At this inaugural ASEF Baltic meeting Eitvydas Bajarunas, Political Director of the Lithuanian Ministry of Affairs, articulated Lithuania’s support for ASEF activities. Lithuania has already benefited from numerous exchanges including lecturers, financed by the ASEF, visiting Lithuania’s educational institutions and artists exchange programs. Also Lithuania recognised the benefit to their young people gaining the opportunity of intercultural exchange and learning to work in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect. Invaluable contacts are created globally between the youth of Europe and Asia with huge as yet unknown potentials for exchange and communication.

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