Latvia Learns Green Entrepreneurial Business Enhancement

Green energy and Eco producing today is not just a question of being alternative from the others or being modern. There are a lot of concerns about our environment and how we treat everything around us.

Working and living in the UK one can observe a lot of excellent examples how green production can be used to add value to the product or to a company’s reputation. For example InterfaceFLOR’s new disposable carpet Biosfera I that claims to be the most sustainable ever or the new Ricoh eco billboard in London that uses solar and wind energy to power itself.

Latvia is a very green country that can provide ecological and high quality production, but at the same time entrepreneurs don’t care enough to preserve this natural richness or fully understand the value of the basics of its production. Latvia has a lot of ecological products to offer; from bio fuels, wood, grains, food, and including nature itself.

The unexplored situation in Latvia and examples observed in the UK has inspired the Latvian British Chamber of Commerce (LBCC) to examine this opportunity to enrich the performance of Latvian producers. M.L.Skadmanis (COO of LBCC) has begun to draft a suggestion and guidance plan for Latvian producers on how to use green and eco production as added value; how to use it as a marketing tool and a method of standing out in the market. For example, one of Latvia’s entrepreneurs who successfully apply this method is the caviar producing company Mottra Ltd, who describe themselves as sustainable, ecologically and fish friendly.

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