Furniture Giant heads to Lithuania UAB Felit

December 16, 2011

The furniture giant IKEA is heading to Lithuania bringing great news to the Country and the Region. The location Vilnius is where it is to set home – planned for 2013 and with an investment of over one hundred million Euros it will make it the biggest Furniture Retail Complex in the Baltic’s.

UAB Felit own and run the Iceland based IKEA franchise and no doubt this move will take them from strength to strength bringing them closer to being a World Class player.

The chairman of UAB Felit said, “We are delighted to soon be on the ground inVilnius. When IKEA enters a new country it is a significant investment and a long term commitment”. Mr S. Palmason carried on by saying, “We are confident that the IKEA concept will appeal to the people ofLithuaniaand as the IKEA vision states, create a better everyday life for the many people.”

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