Estonia Natural Gas

January 7, 2012

Natural Gas is on the up in Estonia with its Cabinet giving the go-ahead for the Unbundling Bill of Natural Gas. This news has brought immense confidence to the region and of course the Baltic State Country. This is expected to happen by the year 2015 and is intended to separate the Transmission and Sales of Natural Gas and cut dependence on OAO Gazprom –Russia. Additionally the move would ban the owners of the transmission unit of AS Eesti Gaas from having Sales Activities and Gas Production.

Eesti Gaas  said, “The government is wrong in saying that Eesti Gaas ownership of transmission pipes is an obstacle to developing the market,” Raul Kotov a Management Board Member said in an e-mailed response to Bloomberg questions. “The Competition Board has never made any complaints about restrictions to use of our grid or that someone can’t join it”. I expect discussions will continue on this matter.

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