Director of Fashion Department IED Moda Lab Roma Lara Aragno Gigli to speak at the conference “Fashion and Design: Trends and Perspectives” In Latvia

Intertextil 2013_datums ENGOn 19th April, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, in Latvia’s beautiful city Riga, will hold the international conference “Fashion and Design: Trends and Perspectives”, with participation of Lara Aragno Gigli who has been working with Armani and Prada and for over 10 years and has been a manager of the Italian high fashion label MiuMiu. Currently Lara is the director of Fashion Department IED Moda Lab Roma.

During the conference, Lara will speak about the revolution and evolution in the fashion industry over the last three decades; main actors in the fashion market, the opportunities Rome offers to young designers and support it grants to foster new talents. On 20th April Lara will chair the panel of judges of the Competition for Young Fashion Designers “Habitus Baltija 2013”. The competition will present fashion collections created by emerging designers of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Great Britain and other European countries.

Lara started her career as an actress and worked with such film directors as Mauro Bolognini, Giuliana Berlinguer, d’Amico and Luca Verdone and has also been an assistant to the costume designer Andrea Viotti and working for “Amleth” and “The Bandits”. The first experience in the world of fashion Lara made with the Italian designer Pino Lancetti, a creator of the Lancetti label. Lara considers that 1982 was the turning point of her career, when the well-known Italian designer Giorgio Armani and his business partner Sergio Galeotti employed her as assistant to Silvana Armani to develop the women’s clothing line Emporio. Lara worked twelve years with Silvana Armani and during that time amassed extensive knowledge in design – from denim to preta-a-porter collections, from children’s fashion to accessory design. In 1995 Lara was appointed the manager of the MiuMiu label by Prada. Through this work Lara learned to perceive fashion as a language, giving a great weight to the concept of a product and creative thinking in its design. Since 2006, Lara has been the director of Fashion Department IED Moda Lab Roma.

“Fashion and Design: Trends and Perspectives” will gather fashion professionals from Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Norway and Italy to discuss the acute issues of fashion business and the opportunities to support emerging designers. The conference is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in conjoint with the Latvian British Chamber of Commerce, the Fashion Chamber of Latvia, the Association of Clothing and Textile Industry and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Read more about the conference programme, themes and speakers at

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