BGF Continues to Invest has Latvia’s Exports Keep Growing

October 25, 2011

BGF continues to keep busy with further developments in the rubber arena, which has been reinforced with recent capital expenditure on the MDR 3000 Professional and REP injection moulding equipment. The MDR 3000 is designed for measuring the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds before, during and after cure. This will allow BGF to fulfil the complete range of all test requirements: Polymer or raw materials as well as basic, finished and cured compounds can be characterized. Besides the cure properties the cure characteristic and the processability can be determined and evaluated too.

This coupled with the purchase of a REP injection moulding machine, which offers numerous advantages from, an increase in cycle time and gain, automatic mould thickness adjustment, ‘touch screen’ user interface and many more, which all in all  reinstates BGF’s desire to maintain it’s competitive advantage in being the Baltic’s number one Rubber products manufacturer.

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