Baltic Development Forum meets Latvia Kristovskis

January 18, 2011

Latvia Minister meets the Danish based Baltic Development Forum on the 19 January.

Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis will be visiting the BDF (Baltic Development Forum) on the 19 January 2011 with the topics of discussion being Energy Security and Energy Policy in the European Union and the region of the Baltic Sea.

We have come a very long way in creating very good neighbourly relations in the Baltic Sea Region and developed many cooperation structure that aim at promoting common interest and in solving common problems. The field of energy and energy security is however one of the remaining issues that are clearly related to the old security concerns that dominated the region just 20 years ago, states Director Hans Brask, Baltic Development Forum. It is important that the issue of energy security is properly addressed, he explains. Baltic Development Forum will therefore be discussing with the Foreign Minister of Latvia how to find joint solutions through energy diversification, new interconnections and energy efficiency.

The meeting will include European and Scandinavian businesses positioned in the Baltic Sea Region with the aim of increasing International Trade and Development in particular in Energy Security and Energy Policy.

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